Lainnir Hardwood and Laminate Floor Cleaner Spray

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Lainnir Hardwood Floor Cleaner is 99.6-percent natural and laboratory certified non-hazardous (non-toxic, non-flammable, non-corrosive). It cleans hardwood and laminate floors to a sparkling shine. Lainnir Hardwood Floor Cleaner is designed for use on varnish, acrylic and polyurethane finished wood and laminate floors, baseboards, and cabinets. Lainnir Hardwood Floor Cleaner is dog and cat friendly, and leaves no sticky residue. Simply spray on, and clean with a dry cloth or micro fiber mop. The product is not intended for use on oil finished wood, floors that require waxing, bare wood, natural stone, including marble and limestone. If product spray gets on any of these surfaces wipe up immediately.

Ingredients: Water, ethyl alcohol (from corn), cocamidopropyl betaine (coconut derived surfactant), potassium sorbate (food preservative), methylisothiazolinone (cosmetic grade preservative), citric acid (from lemons and limes), sodium gluconate (food grade)

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